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Yilinda glass hardware development strategy

The overall level of development of an industry ultimately depend on the level and pace of development of business enterprises in the industry. China's building materials hardware industry in order to achieve a successful transition from small to strong, the enterprise need to self-reliance, self-improvement, thus promoting the overall development of the industry.

In recently years, domestic building materials hardware experienced raw material prices, lower export tax rebate rate, the continued appreciation of the RMB against the US dollar, the world economic slowdown the pace of development, the domestic negative factors floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, the enterprises exposure Large operating pressure.

How to enhance enterprise competitiveness, respond to complex business situations. First, enterprises should clear strategic positioning, according to their own conditions, develop practical development strategies, give full play to their own advantages, make their own fist specialty products. Avoid homogenization, low-end, low-cost vicious competition. Secondly, we must play to enterprise cluster synergies and improve the competitive edge of the industry, we should attach great importance and give full play to the role of associations, give full play to the Association Information platform, industry management and guidance, to guide the industry's enterprises gradually embarked orderly competition and healthy development track.

We believe that the domestic building materials and hardware companies to adhere to the professional development, focus on building materials and hardware industry, to broaden and extend the product line, improve the product line; always adhere to the technology and management innovation; focus on brand, sales channels and corporate culture cultivation construction, adhere to domestic and foreign balanced development of marketing strategies, committed to be a well-known enterprise.