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new type floor spring

Item No.: 308

1. Floor spring selecting shall considering the weight of the door. Different weight door will require different type floor springs.


2. Glass weight measurement (China national standard glass) method:

    thickness = 1mm, 1m² glass weight shall be 2.5 kg,

    Such as: 12mm thickness glass, height of door= 2.3m, width= 1m,

   Total weight of the door glass shall be 2.3*1*12*2.5=69KG.


3. With weight of all hardware components shall earn the total weight of the door.


4. A heavy duty spring for a light door will be a waste to the door cost, which also can not earn a satisfy working performance.

5. Carrying too much weight for a floor spring will reduce the working life.


6. Cause of the wind, a twin spring will need when doors were used in an open air 

environment. A twin spring will work better when locating at 0º and 90º position.


7. In freezing area, please select the anti-freezing hydraulic floor springs.